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Aneesha Constant has been designing and creating for years. It was no surprise that she became a teacher of Art and Design. She obtained her teaching certification in South Africa. Later, she graduated with her Master's Degree in Education from the University of Bath in the UK. Aneesha has taught in South Africa, Lesotho, Italy and Thailand.

While holidaying at a resort in Thailand, the general manager there liked the jewellery that Aneesha was wearing. When she found out that Aneesha had designed the pieces, she offered Aneesha the opportunity to sell her designs at the resort. From Jewellery Design, the business progressed to Resort Wear, Product Design (signature items for resorts) and Hotel/Resort Uniform Design.

Aneesha's success lies in her passion for design, combined with her determination to get the best results. She pays careful attention to detail and gives each project her personal touch. Aneesha is South African and is currently based in Bangkok, Thailand with her French husband and two children.